No Real Answers. Just Hate.

The Left has no answer to logical questions. Just name calling.

These days, one of the ways to tell that you are making a difference and people are listening is to measure the resistance. Many on the left including CNN and all of its minions are claiming that the #Walkaway Campaign is fake and forged by bots and Russian operatives, despite the thousands of video testimonies online by real people telling their story of why they are walking away from the left and their hate.

The latest attempt to tout #WalkAway as a fraud is, of course, #FakeNews. When you don’t have facts, what do you do? Well, make them up. And that is just what James Kosur, Editor-in-Cheif of the so-called (see the full article), did in an attempt to invalidate the #walkaway movement. He claims that the ads seen below were created by the official #WalkAway Campaign and promulgated across the web. And the ads, of course, contain stock images of fake actors proving that #walkaway is not a real movement.

But there are several problems with this article from Kosur. And if liberals were actually interested in the truth, they would be asking themselves these questions. Where is the #WalkAway hashtag, or logo on these images? The #WalkAway Campaign has put out absolutely nothing without its trademark. And why would it? If the #walkaway team were to run ads promoting the movement, wouldn’t they have used the hashtag on the ad? One would think so.

Secondly, where is Kosur’s proof that these are even legitimate ads? Where are links to the actual ads themselves? And, where are screenshots of the actual ad placements online, you know, places where the ad has actually appeared? No answers. None of these things exist because these are not real ads, but just more #FakeNews created by another liberal talking head because he doesn’t have any ideas, just hate.

Brandon Straka has already taken to Twitter to refute these false claims.

So, I’m on Twitter last night refuting these false narratives with liberals who are retweeting this nonsense and asking the simple questions that I posed above. And the response? Well, see for yourself.

If there was ever a time for a movement like #WalkAway, it is now. The left is unhinged and in today’s America, there is no room for honest discourse or debate. Just look at the likes of Maxine Waters and the whole Sarah Sanders debacle. I recently came across a video on Periscope of an anarchist Abolish ICE group in Oregon role playing the beheading of our President out in the streets with a homemade guillotine (watch here).

Then you’ve got the petulant David Hogg throwing down tweets like this.

Seriously. Enough is enough.


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