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A late night Facebook post led to thousands of responses eventually leading to a new release by singer/songwriter, Gary Humble.

Nashville, TN – July 25, 2018 – After thousands of engagements with a post on the #Walkaway Campaign Facebook group, Gary Humble decided to venture into a Nashville recording studio and record his new single, I’m an American. The Facebook post was a video containing a song he had written that day, after being inspired by  #Walkaway video testimonials he was seeing on his Facebook news feed. “I was so inspired by the courage of people walking away from the left in the face of criticism, losing relationships and threats,” says Humble.

The song, “I’m an American (Walk Away)” officially releases Friday, July 27th on iTunes and all major digital music outlets. It is a call to patriotism, to honor each other in who we are as Americans and to walk away from the divisiveness and vitriol that has gripped our country in recent years. Humble says, “This country was built on diversity and free thinking. I just want my America back.”

This is Gary Humble’s first national release. He is self-admittedly just a guy that has been writing songs for the past 20 years for his own enjoyment. Currently, Humble is a real estate agent in the greater Nashville area. Humble reached out to his friend and Nashville musician, Chris Bullard who recorded and produced the song along with Humble. Additionally, Humble was contacted by Brandon Straka, leader of the #WalkAway Campaign. “We support this release and believe that the messaging is on point with our mission. This movement continues to grow by thousands by the day. Stay tuned because there is more music to come,” says Straka. Visit for more information and links to download the song from digital music platforms.

Watch the video that started it all


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