Twitter Squashing the Conservative Message

Just wanted to share some of my recent experience with what I consider to be pretty convincing evidence that both Google and Twitter is in fact throttling, or squashing the conservative message. I have noticed as of late that I am getting very little engagement while trying to promote my latest song release, I’m an American. And that is not really surprising considering that the song is tied to the #WalkAway Campaign and the liberal media is trying everything it can to dismiss and discredit this movement with misinformation, attacks and a perpetration of fake news.

I have the same suspicions of Facebook, but that one is harder to prove. One reason is because you can remain Facebook friends or “like” a page yet choose to “unfollow” someone effectively banning them from your newsfeed. So, even though I have over 1,000 friends on Facebook, I’m unsure how many of my friends actually “follow” me.

Bottom line. Somehow we live in a country where for all intensive purposes, liberals control the world of mass communication. And the more divided this country becomes, the more our ability to truly practice free speech is diminished. This needs to change, dramatically.


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