Why I Wrote This Song

It is hard to know where to start in describing how and why I wrote the song, “I’m an American (Walk Away).” On the one hand, it happened really fast. One night, I began seeing these #WalkAway testimonials populate my Facebook news feed and instantly, I was hooked. Quickly, I searched to find what this movement was all about and after continuing to hear the stories of everyday Americans leaving the left and no longer fearing the repercussions of following their heart towards conservatism, hope in my heart was restored. And literally twenty minutes later, I had written a song. But on the other hand, this song was a long time coming.

See, I had almost given up. It seemed as though the America that I loved and had hoped to raise my children to know had all but disappeared. Why? Division. Disunity. Hate. Our country has become so divided over the last decade. At some point I figured we would all just draw our lines in the sand. You stay on your side and I’ll stay on mine. Seemed the only plausible solution.

Let’s face it. Conservatism and Socialism are simply incompatible. There is no mingling the two. One promotes freedom and the other, tyranny.

I began my life as a Democrat, though I really didn’t know what that meant at the time. My dad is a Democrat and still is to this day. Politics is something we can’t bring up when we are in the same room together. So, at 18 I registered as a Democrat. But I never really paid attention much to politics until the tragic day of 9/11. Like many of you, I still remember that moment crystal clear. Our world changed that day. For me, I realized for the first time that people hated America. They hate freedom and everything we stand for. We do not live in a protective bubble. The life that I enjoy is in jeopardy unless we as a people stand firm in our resolve to protect our way of life. You know, I learned history when I was in school. I know of war. But in my world, 9/11 taught me emphatically that this life I enjoy is not free. It comes at a cost.

And then came Obama. We kicked off that administration with a world-wide apology tour. I was immediately disgusted. Over the next few years, I watched our nation change. Policy after policy promoting entitlements, impugning the wealthy, government run healthcare, a complete disregard the US Constitution and then a complete disregard for the American people. Who can forget Nancy Pelosi when she suggested that it’s not important we read the bill. Let’s just get this done, right?

Throughout the Obama administration, I watched as our country became more and more fundamentally divided over things that to me just seemed like common sense. But common sense didn’t matter anymore. Just the ideal. Get on the train or get off. And if you don’t like it, you are a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, a xenophobe, a misogynist and on and on and on. Now today, we have an entire generation of Americans who think that socialism is good. And God forbid we have an honest discussion about it.

And last, but certainly not least, Hillary. Is it really worth even discussing what a disaster that would have been? Needless to say, I am a conservative. I am a Constitutionalist. I am a Republican. But the label I wear most proud, I’m an American.

I could not have found a better image then the one used here to convey my thoughts and hopes for my country. That little girl in red, white and blue makes me think of our future. What of the next generation? What of my three sons and the country that will be left behind for them to live out their hopes and dreams with friends and loved ones? We must preserve this great nation for future generations. Then I look at the tombstone of Atreus Harold Kratzke (1897-1967), a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army who fought in both WWI and WWII. He is buried in the Gettysburg National Cemetery. What an elite group of American men to have fought bravely for our country in both world wars and lived to tell about it. When I think about freedom, I consider a man like Lieutenant Colonel Kratzke who literally spent a lifetime defending it.


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